Ferments & Pickles

THE PICKLERY is our brand of fresh, unpasteurised fermented foods and drinks that we make here at The Picklery and sell through our restaurants and wholesale.   THE PICKLERY range of products was born out of a desire to bring a more seasonal, adventurous and fresher approach to the fermented food and low-sugar drinks market.  Using our restaurant expertise and knowledge in food and drinks we have created a range of flavourful products that chime acutely with the seasons.  

Sourcing organic, biodynamic and conscientiously made ingredients plays a huge part in our production process.  We always use fruits and vegetables that are at their best and most beneficial to your body, this also means our ferments are fresh, crunchy and full of flavour.  We only use raw and unprocessed vinegars, salts and sugars.  Our ferments are never pasteurised - this means they retain all their good bacteria, and are teeming with probiotics that go towards creating a good digestive system and positive health. 

If you'd like to find out more about selling THE PICKLERY range of preserved goods or buying wholesale please email us. for a price list and details.