Cooking with Goat - Cooking & Conversation with James Whetlor 25th Feb 2019

Cooking with Goat - Cooking & Conversation with James Whetlor 25th Feb 2019


We very happy to welcome James Whetlor founder of Cabrito Goat to The Picklery, James will be here for one of our guest cooking & conversation evenings on Monday 25th February 2019. James will be cooking a 5-course goat menu, which he’ll cook and serve as he goes, whilst also sharing the virtues of cooking and eating goat. We should all be eating more goat. Goat meat is low in fat, high in protein and iron, and has been an integral part of European, African and Asian diets since 3300BC. But goat meat in the UK has long been a misunderstood, little-used ingredient. Thanks to the efforts of James Whetlor, goat is seeing a renaissance on British restaurant menus and in homes nationwide.

James set up his company, Cabrito Goat, after taking an uncompromising look at a controversial problem within the food and farming system: the wholesale slaughter of the male offspring of dairy goats. Using his experience of working in London restaurant kitchens and through his time at River Cottage, James not only founded the opportunity to rear the billies that would previously have been destroyed, creating a market for an important food source in the process, but also offer a new way of eating for a generation interested in the ethics and politics of food. Put bluntly: if you eat goat’s cheese or drink goat’s milk, then as a consumer you have a responsibility to eat goat meat too.

Tickets cost £75 and include a glass of wine on arrival. Places are limited to 14 spaces which is all we have around the counter. However we do have two tables of 4 in the window if you’re interested in these.

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