La Grotta Ice-cream Masterclass

La Grotta Ice-cream Masterclass


Date: 16th July, 7pm

La Grotta Masterclass & A Feast of Seasonal Ices, £75 pp, 14 places

Kitty Travers of La Grotta Ices is joining us here at The Picklery for an evening dedicated to the craft of making ice-cream. In this workshop Kitty will be sharing her secrets and demonstrating an array of different ices which, together with our chef Tom Hill will be served as part of a summer seasonal feast, each savoury course will be followed by one of tantalising ices.

Prosciutto Toscana & mozzarella

Tomato & white peach sorbet

Deep fried courgette flowers & Dorset crab mayo

Lemon verbena ice cream

Sea trout poached in oil, Cornish mids, dill & capers

Cucumber & sour cream ice cream

Basil, Parmesan & hazelnut risotto

Peach ice cream

Spiced lamb, mograbiah, garlic yoghurt & mint

Apricot & rose petal sorbet

About Kitty: In a small converted green grocers in south London, home to her ice-cream shed, Kitty creates an array of iced delights and fresh ice-creams that taste of real, whole fruits; hand-made choc ices that crack open to reveal layers of playful pastel-coloured flavours; juice-drenched granitas to be stuffed into brioche buns with fresh cream; and eye-popping palate-tickling sorbets to enliven your taste buds. This is the culmination of the years of work and research that makes Kitty Travers of Le Grotta ice-creams so celebrated. A life-long ice-cream enthusiast, Kitty got her training in New York, she then returned to London as a pastry chef. She spent five years at St John, before buying and old Piaggio Ape and setting up La Grotto in 2008.

In this time she has used every spare moment for travel and research - the sunlit flavours and far-flue traditions of these places pervade Kitty’s ice-creams, along with her ultimate inspiration; nature. The results are pure and delicious - with flavours that embrace ripe seasonal fruits to perfumed herbs and foraged blossoms.

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